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Electronic Superhero

We all know the definition of “Superhuman”; surpassing the abilities and thresholds of what the average human is capable of. Imagine stepping outside in the depths of a blizzard, completely naked, and feeling nothing but a cool indifference. Dutchman Wim Hof doesn’t need to imagine: his body doesn’t understand freezing temperatures. He is effectively impervious to cold.


And beyond physical feats of Marvel-esque proportion, there are those who rise above the call of normality in the mental arena, with brains that would make Superman’s head spin.

Take UK-born Daniel Tammet, for example, who currently holds a record for his memory skills. Nothing too impressive, just a flawless recollection of Pi… to 22,514 digits.

If anyone's allowed to look so smug, it's Dan.

Dan is a high-functioning Autistic, which means that whilst he has an incredible noggin for numbers, his motor or mental abilities have taken a slight hit in some way. An Autistic mind such as Dan’s may not understand the difference between left & right, happy & sad or even right & wrong. And within these cases of ”standard” Autism, there is a rare condition. which explains his incredible memory; Prodigious Savantism. This is a spike of skill and ability, brought forth by an alignment of cerebral signals that have been whisked up by an individual’s case of Autism, or in the case we’re about to explore, Asbergers syndrome. Dan remembers numbers as objects, emotions and tangible forms in physical space. Amazing, right? But like trying to imagine an 8th colour of the spectrum, our average minds just aren’t wired up to comprehend how he seesfeelstastes and smells integers, all at once.

Now while that’s an unbelievable and amazing mental talent, it’s not so interesting to me. Numbers just aren’t my thing! So through my own superhuman ability to change subjects like a failing A Level student: MUSIC!

Music is the sort of thing that gets me going. And considering the fact that I compose and produce my own brand of digital noise (ahem), it’s only natural that I should be drawn towards the electronic spectrum of it! Rex Lewis-Clack and Derek Paravicini (who, musically, are equally as impressive, but not fascinating to me) can keep their beautifully flawless piano recitals and pitch-perfect orchestral interpretations (seriously though, these guys are incredible). What if they were to shift their superhuman musical abilities from the classic and contemporary, and focus it on the modern and cutting edge scene of music? 

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Aleksander Vinter AKA: Savant.

In the last 8 months, Savant has produced and released 3 full-length albums, an EP, a collaboration with Donny Goines, and countless demo tracks.

Oh, and he’s almost finished his fourth album.

Taken from Savant’s Facebook page: “He thinks out songs in seconds and produce them within few hours. To this date Aleksander has composed/produced over 10.000 songs in various genres. Most notably metal, orchestral/classical, hip-hop and electronic music”.

Ten. Thousand. Songs. According to the average length of a “song”, that’s a playlist lasting for four years.


When I have a musical idea, I compose the basic melody.

Then I think of a bass line and write that.

Then I find that it clashes with the melody and re-write both.

Then there’s a progression that has to factor and it all gets juggled up into a jigsaw mess, of a once-perfect idea that has complicated itself in my head and has resulted in a completely different sound to what was originally intended. But by that time, I’ve already forgotten what my original idea was in the first place!

Savant, on the other hand, chisels entire tracks into the mind (in seconds) and composes them digitally without interruption or distraction. Once he has an idea, there it is; thought up, inked in, and available for the mind’s eye to read at its leisure.


But what stops it from being a constant thumping rhythm, melody and nothing more? Well, despite a complete lack of musical tuition, Vinter knows exactly how tracks should progress musically. Every song that he’s ever heard, he soaks up like a sponge, and stores it in a mental library of melodies, just as our friend Daniel Tammet does with numbers. In short, this means that whatever progression slams together in the seconds he takes to think of one, it makes perfect musical sense in accordance with whatever bookshelf Savant is wandering through.

Secondly, he has a perfect understanding of sonic behaviour. Beyond learning how his own DAW (digital audio workstation) works, Vinter simply needs to tweak the knobs and values to match a production reference of what he can already hear within his aforementioned ”Musical Library”. And beyond this, he might take an average of a few other producers and adjust the treble or bass here and there to make his music sound even better than the original reference.

Think of your favourite EDM producer. Skrillex? deadmau5? Knife Party? Guetta? Savant could listen to and replicate every single one of their tracks. Flawlessly.

He could probably improve them, actually.

But he won’t, because he’s a pretty decent guy.


It’s because of this that Aleksander Vinter is quite probably the absolute best that electronic music production can ever get. Of course, everyone caters to their own taste, and some may enjoy the relentless thump of repetitive dance music or ethereal trance ambience. But as far as complex, progressively and harmonically-aware dance music goes, Savant cannot be surpassed.

In the same way that each resident of Metropolis wishes that they could fly like Superman, it’s disheartening to know that my my musical talent will never be as good as Aleksander’s. But in a way, that’s also a very humbling thought. Someone out there is capable of creating the very best of what I, and what many thousands of other people, hold dear to their life’s interests.

Savant is the Electronic Superhero. Check him out.


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